DIN Rail electricity meters
Jun 02 , 2021

What is DIN Rail?

DIN rail is based on a series of standards developed by the German national standards organization (DIN). It is usually 1.4 inches (35 mm) wide. The rail can be as narrow as 0.6 inches (15 mm) or as wide as 3 inches (75 mm).

DIN rail electricity meters are usually 35mm DIN rail mounted. At present, the traditional wall-mounted installation method is widely used for electricity meters, which has the disadvantages of large volume and inconvenient installation. The DIN rail meter adopts modular design, which has the advantages of small volume, easy installation, easy networking and so on, which is convenient for the transformation of terminal energy measurement.

Because of its miniaturized structure, the DIN rail mounted electricity meter can be conveniently installed in the terminal box together with the miniature circuit breaker. It is widely used in buildings, shopping malls, exhibition centers, schools, airports, ports and factories, etc.

DIN rail mounted electricity meters are safe and fast to install with high level performance. TOPSCOMM meter adopts LCD display and measure power parameters according to users’ requirements. It can set parameters such as tariff and time period, and exchange data with the host computer via RS485 communication interface.

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